Day, Residential, Advocacy & Childcare Programs

How We Support People

Fogarty Center employees network with community providers, family members, volunteers and others in order to optimize options for those we support. Our delivery of service is one, which affirms the dignity of each individual and offers opportunities for meaningful, life-changing experiences.

The synopses of areas with which we provide support include, but are not limited to, the following:

Employment Options

For those interested in working, The Fogarty Center provides Supported and/or Competitive Customized Employment, in accordance with the Pathways to Self Employment philosophy, services in the areas of career exploration, job development, coaching, monitoring and placement within a variety of community-based locations, which is based on their individual preferences and natural skills.

In order to broaden the quantity and variation of such employment opportunities, The Fogarty Center owns and operates the subsequent businesses, which employ people with and without disabilities:

Keep it Clean Commercial Cleaning Service
(formerly Jefco Commercial Cleaning Services)

Keep it Clean is a commercial cleaning company, operated by The Fogarty Center, which was established in 1998 with the purpose of employing people with disabilities who are interested and skilled in the area of environmental management. At present, Keep it Clean employs 40+ people who are supported by The Fogarty Center, with their primary responsibility being the cleaning and maintenance of the common areas of 11 community-based private and public housing complexes.

While encouraging the highest degree of independence, some folks prefer to work within a flexible schedule with varying hours depending on their skill, level  of interest and financial needs.             

To inquire about Keep it Clean Commercial Cleaning Service, please contact:
Kie O'Donnell, Coordinator of Employment Services @ 401-231-4520 or

West Wing Café

The West Wing Café, formerly referred to as the State House Café and Gift Shop, is
located within the Rhode Island State House on Capitol Hill in Providence. The Fogarty
Center acquired operation of the café in 1999. Since then, the café has evolved from a small souvenir shop to a larger, upscale café, serving breakfast and lunch with extended hours during General Assembly sessions.

In 2010, the West Wing Café introduced a portable Kiosk, Take Out Meals and Catering Services to its repertoire of culinary options. Employees with disabilities are employed in the areas of food preparation, cleaning, shopping and delivery, inventory, labeling as well as other random duties as they arise.

To inquire about West Wing Café services, or to place an order, please contact West Wing @ 401.331.0073.

Employment Training and Placement Programs

Office of Rehabiltation Services (ORS)

The Fogarty Center collaborates with the Rhode Island Department of Rehabilitation Services (ORS) in the delivery of vocational assessment, job development and placement, job coaching, work-readiness skill enhancement such as resume designing/ interviewing and job placement. In addition to providing these services to those we support, The Fogarty Center is an authorized vendor for direct ORS referrals of men and women with barriers to employment other than developmental disabilities.

Summer Work Experience and Exploration Program (SWEEP)

The Fogarty Center is an ORS vendor authorized to provide a six-week summer work experience program for young men and women between the ages of 17-24 who are transitioning from school to adult life.

Social Security/Ticket to Work Employment Network

The Fogarty Center is an authorized agent of Social Security. As such, we are qualified to provide employment services to Ticket to Work recipients.


Not everyone we support is interested in traditional employment. For those entrepreneurs, The Fogarty Center offers an array of options designed to explore, discover, promote and cultivate their natural, and often hidden, talents in the areas of Art, Jewelry Design, Horticulture and Floral Design.


Residential Program

The Agency’s Residential Program offers individuals a wide range of living arrangements. The program provides 24-hour support and an ever-growing Supported-Living Program for individuals who live with a roommate or on their own.

Group Home Program

Currently, this program which provides 24 hour support to individuals.  The neighborhoods that we currently are in include Providence, North Providence, Johnston, Lincoln, Cumberland, Scituate, and Riverside.

Supported Living Program

Currently the Supported Living Program (Apartment Program) provides support to approximately 28 individuals who live on their own. 

The continued focus on the program is to encourage and enhance individuals’ opportunities to become members of the community in which they reside and to broaden the range of choices available to them, which provide them with a variety of life experiences to enrich their lives.


Specialized Services

For some, employment is not a priority. Rather, services are dictated by the needs of the individual and are typically geared toward personal care and therapeutic needs in the areas of health, mobility, communication, behavior management and other issues, which are more specific to the individual matter.

In order to address these needs, services, under the supervision of clinical professionals, are provided in the areas of Nursing, Physical Therapy, Speech therapy and Psychological Services. In addition, individuals in this program are offered the choice to participate in activities, which are fun as well as therapeutic by nature, such as gardening, physical exercise, games, arts and crafts, cooking, relaxation therapy and numerous other options.

Senior Services

For individuals who are aging and/or are no longer interested in employment, a variety of alternative activities are available from the Steve N. Picillo Center. The Picillo Center is a community center where older individuals supported by The Fogarty Center have the opportunity to participate in community-based outings to local restaurants, beaches, parks, theaters, movies, casinos and many other locations. In addition, physical fitness exercises, gardening, art therapy and horticulture are among the number of choices available throughout the day.

In 2004, an Art Therapy group was formed in response to increased interest in painting, paper mache, designing and creating piñatas, fabric wall hangings and other such art forms. In 2010, interest has significantly increased both in the number of interested and talented contributors as well as mediums of art. To date, a number of Art Exhibits, where work is displayed and sold, have been held. Profits from these events are used to pay artists as well as purchase additional supplies.

The gardening project, initially started in 2009, has transformed into a genuine Horticulture program and business. Since its inception, this small garden has grown into a larger fenced garden, incorporating raised flowerbeds allowing for ease with plant care. With interest and ability improving, employees of the program successfully sponsored a number of fund raising events for the purpose of purchasing a greenhouse. With this in place, gardeners are able to begin their harvest earlier by starting with the seedlings.        

While both of these projects are enjoyable and healing, they also serve as an employment opportunity with produce and flowers being sold to individuals, local vendors and at farm fresh fairs. 

Other Adult Services

In addition to the array of clinical services, such as Nursing and Medical, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Psychological Services, offered to any individual in need of support, The Fogarty Center provides:

Case Management

To assure the coordination and delivery of consumer-driven services, Case Management Services are provided for those supported by the organization. All aspects of support are captured, monitored and updated within an annual Individual Service Plan. Each person is assigned a Case Manager whose primary function is to assure that all components of the plan are integrated and delivered as designed. In addition, the Case Manager serves as liaison between the agency and the person with disabilities and/or their family members, agency employees and disciplines, other involved providers, members of the Division of Developmental Disabilities, community resources and others when indicated.


At times, those we support and/or their family members require individualized, specific support, which falls outside the realm of standard services.


Lamplighters is the name chosen by those we support to identify their self-advocacy effort. Since its formation in 1999, the Lamplighters have established four individual Lamplighter groups, each with its own unique approach, based on level of independence, age, ability and program involvement. The primary purpose is one of informing and educating people with disabilities about their rights and responsibilities, active community participation, civil liberties and self-determination.  

In addition to advocating on behalf of themselves and others supported by The Fogarty Center, some Lamplighter members actively participate in statewide trainings, committees and missions in order to effect change, which is in the best interest of their community at large.

During the course of time, the Lamplighters have become financially self-sufficient by means of fund raising efforts. Resources are used to facilitate attendance and participation in statewide, as well as occasional national, conferences.

Family and Sibling Advocacy Groups

During these challenging times, it is imperative for family members to actively and collectively advocate for their family member and themselves as caregivers. During 2008, the The Fogarty Center Family Advocacy Group formed as part of a statewide effort to bring together family members throughout Rhode Island, and has since, formed a Sibling Advocacy Group, which is designed to meet the very unique issues, which are common to this extended group of family members.  

Human Rights Committee

This committee consists of 8-10 volunteers from a variety of professions including,
but not limited to, medical , legal, social work, business, human services as well as
people with disabilities and family members.

Their primary function is to protect the rights of those we support by reviewing,
approving, and monitoring behavior support plans for those who are supported in
this manner.

Transportation Services

The Fogarty Center coordinates and provides transportation to the majority of individuals, particularly those living with their families, to and from his/her primary location, and other satellite and community-based employment site(s).